Business Setup In Dubai

Setup Business in Dubai Get Launched by a Boost


Businessmen usually find themselves in an unfamiliar environment when starting a new business in foreign country. Limited knowledge of the place can lead to serious mistakes and later in losses. To build a tower you need strong foundation and for business too.

We at Seamless Management Consultancies help you to prevent start-up mistakes and guide you to the right path. We first understand your idea and accordingly we plan a full proof strategy for you business so that you can grow easily.


  • Translating Ideas to Business Plans - We at Seamless Management Consultancies understand your inspiration and the ideas and transfer it into professional business plan.
  • Shaping your Business Legally - Once the plan is finalized, we understand the nature of the business and under which category it will be incorporated.
  • Setting Administration Structure - We setup a business plan and insists our customer to minimize the setup cost and calculate what you need to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • Banking - We arranges your meeting with the bank correspondents at our office so that you get a chance to discuss and understand all the important facilities and procedures related to banking of business.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping - We provide cost effective accounting and bookkeeping so that our clients can concentrate in core revenue generating activities.
  • Getting you Launched - This procedure includes all the major factors like logo design, Website, Ad campaigns, exhibition and many more. We at Seamless Management Consultancies make sure that you get a perfect starting boost.